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Denver Marijuana Dispensary Explains The Destigmatization of Marijuana Part III

In the past two blogs we have discussed the definition of ‘destigmatization’ and how it relates to the somewhat recent legalization of marijuana in many states. Denver dispensary, Altitude Dispensary, along with other advocates for the legalization of marijuana, are working hard toward destigmatizing the beneficial plant. 

Also in the past blog we discussed the number one thing you can do to help to destigmatize marijuana. The best thing you can do is to share your story. We suggest that you share your why with those who may not quite understand the uses and benefits of the flowe. Why do you use marijuana? In what ways does it help you or do you enjoy it? 

It is often true that when something that was once illegal, the stigma stays. People believe that it is bad or harmful simply because it was once illegal. Even though the reason it was illegal may not have anything to do with that.

It is important to talk and share your story with those who may not understand that it is actually not harmful and indeed has many important benefits. Being able to talk about why you use the flower is a great first step toward the destigmatization of it. 

Another thing Altitude Dispensary recommends that you can do to help destigmatize marijuana is to debunk the theory that you can die from using it. In fact, this has never happened. Unlike so many other substances from which you could die, this is not the case with marijuana, even though this may indeed be what some uneducated people may think. Make it your job to educate those folks about the effects of  marijuana.

The next thing you can do to help destigmatize marijuana is to unapologetically and shamelessly use marijuana. In the same way that people who drink beer or other alcoholic beverages are often vocal about their love for this or that beverage, one should be this way about their enjoyment or benefit from marijuana. In states in which it is now legal, there should be no shame in using it.

Do not hide your use of it. Do not make excuses for your use of it. You now have just as much right to be using marijuana as anyone has to crack open a beer or pour a mixed drink. We all have our preferred methods of winding down and letting loose, so what if yours is different. Now that it is legal, we need to act as though it is. 

The more time we spend reenacting our old habits of hiding our use out of fear of getting caught because marijuana was once illegal, the more we further the stigma associated with the now legal (in many states) flower. This is a disservice to the cause. One that we can no longer continue to perpetrate. 

I hope that you will join Denver’s Altitude Dispensary along with other advocates for the legalization and destigmatization of the flower we all know and love. For all your marijuana needs, be sure to check out Denver’s Altitude Dispensary.