The Munchie - A Guidebook

January 13, 2022

The Munchie - A Guidebook
Alright, it’s pretty much inevitable that if you’re smoking, or eating or vaping marijuana, you’re going to experience the side effects. I mean, that’s kind of why you’re doing it, right? But what about that one side effect, that actually isn’t exactly stellar and isn’t exactly harmless-the munchies?

Indeed, one of the medicinal benefits of marijuana is its ability to increase appetite. For example, with cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, having a desire to eat is a really good thing. But if you’re (thankfully) not a cancer patient, an increased appetite isn’t exactly something you need in your life. I’m thinking new year’s resolutions to lose weight here folks, and smoking marijuana and getting the munchies doesn’t exactly help that cause. 

So unless you have some kind of super human willpower, you’re going to get and very likely to give into the munchies. There’s a few ways to look at this.

1. You could lean into it. Yep, I said. Just go for it. Indulge your every craving- ice cream, pizza, potato chips, you name it, indulge it. Of course, this means you’ve got to be somewhat prepared, so be sure to go on a munchies field trip to the grocery store and grab all your favorites before you partake in your favorite way to consume marijuana. Not going to lie, this is my preferred method of “handling” the munchies. 

2. You could, like, halfway lean into it. What does that mean? It could mean a couple things. First, while on that shopping field trip for your munchies, you could decide to get somewhat healthier snacks. I mean, you’re gonna get the munchies and you’re gonna want to eat something, so why not make it, you know, better for you than chips. Think, popcorn instead of those chips and yogurt instead of ice cream kind of substitutes. You know you and how much you can fool yourself. But really, when the cravings hit, you’re liable to eat whatever is available, so if it’s yogurt that sits in your fridge alone, you’ll eat the yogurt.

Second, you could, while on that shopping field trip, decide to just get snack size versions of all your favorite junk food. This at least lets you indulge your munchie craving, but limits your intake. This may be a more expensive way to combat the munchies as snack sizes are usually more costly, but it does, hopefully, cut down on how much you’re chowing down.

3. You could totally lean away from it. Say what? NO! But yes, this is a method one could use when trying to handle the munchies after getting super high. I wouldn’t recommend it, of course, but there may be times in which this strategy must be employed. The simplest way to do this is to not go on that shopping field trip. This way you ensure there are no munchies in your house on which to indulge. I’m not saying that the munchies aren’t going to be so bad that don’t you put on your jacket and shoes and walk to the corner store to get the munchies you were trying to avoid, but at least you started out right, right?

You’ve got options when it comes to the munchies. My best advice is to prepare ahead of time for whichever strategy you chose and enjoy! Contact Altitude Dispensary today for more information.

Sativa Versus Indica

January 4, 2022

Sativa Versus Indica
Altitude Dispensary offers a wide variety of products for you to peruse and purchase. Much depends simply on your preferences. Perhaps you prefer not to smoke to get high and would rather eat edibles to get the effect you want. Or maybe you prefer a discreet vape pen. 

Altitude offers a variety of waxes and oils for this. Or maybe you prefer the traditional, time-honored and tested way to reach the high you want- what we used to call weed or grass or pot or, you get the picture. Dispensaries have taken to calling the beautiful green stuff ‘flower.’

But even within this category of flower, you have choices. Firstly, you must choose between sativa or indica. But what are these you may ask? Why, it’s the different varieties of marijuana. Each has different effects. And each has a variety of medicinal and recreational uses. Often people choose these depending on their mood or what they hope or plan to do while smoking it.

Sativas are typically known for their head high. This is often an energizing and invigorating effect which can help with stress, anxiety, and fear. As far as marijuana goes, you might consider these your ‘uppers.’ They’ll allow you to actually do stuff after you get high- whatever that stuff might be. They are also known to increase creativity and improve your focus. I like to write and make collages while smoking sativas for this reason.

Indicas are somewhat the opposite of sativas. These are the more chilled, sit on the couch and veg out varieties. Likely the variety every stoner in every movie is smoking. It’s meant to be very relaxing and can help increase appetite (bring on the munchies, but in a good way), and reduce pain and nausea. This was one of the big reasons marijuana became medicinally legal in the first place- Its ability to help those struggling with pain, nausea, or lack of appetite.  

I don’t remember who told me and therefore who to credit for this little hint on how to remember the difference between sativas and indicas, but man is it helpful. If you’re in Altitude Dispensary and struggling to remember which is which, just remember, with indicas, you’re in ‘da couch. Conversely, of course, with sativas, you’re outta the couch.

Now if you’re not sure which you want and would rather prefer a mix of both, you’re in luck. Growers do indeed grow hybrids of both sativas and indicas. Your budtender can help you with this and will often know the percentage of each in that particular strain. Don’t hesitate to ask your friendly budtender. They can often tell you the type of high you can expect with whichever strain you fancy. 

We’ve come a long way from the two choices I had back in the day- schwag or kind bud. Nowadays, everything’s pretty well kind, and that’s a good thing. Now, we have so many choices it can actually be a bit overwhelming. Knowing the two main categories of flower - sativas and indicas is a good place to start. After that remember that your budtender is there to help you make a careful and informed decision so that you walk away happy with your purchases. Learn more today!

Where Does the Tax Money from Marijuana Sales in Colorado Go?

December 16, 2021

Where Does the Tax Money from Marijuana Sales in Colorado Go?
It’s the one billion dollar question, or rather 6.5 billion dollar question on everybody’s mind since weed became legal in Colorado. Where does all the tax money spent in the now legalized Colorado dispensaries go? How is it used? Indeed, there’s a 2.9% sales tax on medical marijuana and a 15% excise tax from grower to seller on recreational marijuana. This can account for a lower price for medical marijuana. There are also local taxes from city to city that may be applied. So where does all that tax money go?

First, there is a Marijuana Tax Cash Fund and it receives the largest amount of these funds. These funds must go to health education, health care, substance abuse awareness, prevention, and treatment programs- this in an effort to bring awareness and attention to substance abuse of all kinds. And finally  money from this fund goes to law enforcement. Though ultimately, it is at the discretion of the state lawmakers to decide exactly how these funds are allocated and spent within these categories. 

Next, that excise tax is entirely dedicated to schools. Yep, just like amendment 64 touted, the money is in fact going to schools. Hooray! There is a program called Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) and the first 40 million dollars raised by this tax goes straight towards this program. And while this may not seem like a lot of money, it is indeed making a difference to Colorado public schools. 

Then, the sales tax on marijuana sales in dispensaries goes to three specific places. First, a percentage is given to the state Public School Fund and is given to all local school districts. After that, another percentage is given to the state’s general fund. This money can be used on anything and in any way they see fit. The remaining percentage is give to the Marijuana Cash Tax Fund mentioned above.  

So while this sin tax on weed may seem excessive, it is nice to know that it is indeed being used to improve the state and education system. In fact, as far as sin taxes go, the tax on marijuana brings in the most revenue of all. It tops cigarette and tobacco excise taxes, gaming taxes, and liquor excise taxes respectively.

Bottom line, these taxes are being used for the betterment of the state in one way or another. More money is being used in the state from these taxes than when there was a marijuana prohibition and no money was being made. For that reason alone, I think we can all agree, making marijuana legal and using the tax money from its sales was a great idea, at least in hindsight.  

You can rest assured that when you spend your hard earned cash buying weed and other products at Altitude The Dispensary your money is being used for the better. They have fair prices and a variety of flower, wax, edibles and other products and accessories to meet your needs. Visit the Denver Dispensary for all your cannabis needs. 

Tips For Your First Time in a Dispensary

December 16, 2021

Tips For Your First Time in a Dispensary

There really is such a thing as weed tourism, just ask anyone living in Colorado, or any state that has finally legalized the plant. People really do visit Colorado for the express purpose of purchasing and smoking, or eating, or vaping, or dabbing the various products that can be found at a dispensary. 

Let’s start there- just exactly what kind of products can be found at a dispensary?

 If this is your first time at a dispensary, you’ll be quite surprised that your options go well beyond that of simple ‘marijuana’, endearingly called ‘flower’ at most shops to aid in the distinction between all the various choices you have inside a dispensary. Beyond flower, Denver’s Altitude Dispensary can set you up with: ‘wax’- a highly concentrated form of THC, known to contain 40%-80% more THC than it’s more traditional, dried flower counterpart; ‘edibles’- all sorts of candies, gummies, chocolates, drinks, and baked goods, each with an exact dosage so you know what you are eating and the high that will result from it; ‘topicals’-usually containing a mix of THC and CBD designed to relieve aches and pains topically; ‘prerolls’- which are exactly what they sound like, they roll the joint for you and charge you a bit extra for it; and finally, ‘cartridges’ for your vape pens or other accessories.  

If you are new to a dispensary, you likely haven’t heard of most of these cannabis products. No worries! Your friendly and knowledegable budtenders can assist you in finding all your heart desires. Your budtender is specifically educated to help you out with all your weed questions. Don’t be shy.

Next- what happens when you enter a dispensary? 

Well, likely, first, you will queue up at the door (or out the door...dispensaries are quite popular.) When it is your turn in line, you will give the attendant your ID, similar to a bar, and be asked how you’d like to pay. You’ll then wait a bit longer until a budtender is ready for you. 

Your budtender will ask you what you are looking for- flower, wax, edibles etc. They will then ask you a few more questions to help narrow down your choices (there are a lot!) For example - if you are looking for flower, you will be asked if you prefer indica, sativa or a hybrid. No worries if you’re not sure, your budtender can explain the differences for you so that you make an informed choice. If it’s flower you like, you will then have the opportunity to look at and smell the bud you will soon be buying. This is the whole ‘kid in a candy store’ fun of a dispensary!

Next- how do you pay?

your purchases will be packaged up, usually in concealed containers or bags and you will head to the cashier to pay for your goods. Payment in cash is the norm and tips to your budtender are appreciated.

Finally- Now what?

Enjoy! Hopefully you remembered to purchase a pipe from which to smoke your flower. 

If you’re flying into DIA for your first trip to visit a weed dispensary, do not worry. These tips will help you navigate your first time in a store and ensure you get everything you want. Be sure to contact or visit the best Denver dispensary with three locations in Denver, Altitude The Dispensary for all your cannabis needs.


How CBD Oil Can Help Burns

November 23, 2021

  How CBD Oil Can Help Burns
Many people do not realize that the largest organ in the human body isn’t our heart, our intestines or our stomachs, but our skin. And while there are a tremendous array of reliable medicines that target ailments in specific parts of our bodies, there is a surprisingly significant lack of effective methods to treat one of the most disruptive injuries people can suffer from – serious burns to their skin.
However, recent studies have discovered that Cannabinoids, or CBD tinctures may offer significant healing properties to skin ailments, including serious burns. In fact, so far, scientists have discovered more than 100 active cannabinoids that have the ability to affect the Cannabinoid receptors within the body for surprisingly effective results.
CBN, CBC, CBG, THCa, THC, and CBD (cannabidiol) stand out from the rest because they produce most of the euphoric sensations marijuana is known for when eaten or smoked. THC, with its psychoactive properties, is the main active ingredient in the recreational products, however, THC is not present in CBD healing tinctures. That means you can harness all the pain relief and healing potential of CBD without experiencing a “high.”
How does CBD help skin damage, notably burned skin? CBD weakens cortisol secretion and decreases blood levels, a process that offers pain relief, relieves inflammation. In some studies, CBD has also proven to be a powerful antidepressant and it produces therapeutic effects without getting you high, which makes it perfect for treating athletes and people who want to keep their mind clear.
CBD oil, commonly utilized in tinctures and ointments, is becoming increasingly common for treating first and second degree burns as well as chronic pain from issues like arthritis. One of the major healing components found in CBD oil is believed to be terpene. Also known as linalool, terpene is an unsaturated essential oil that has cooling and pain-relieving properties.
If your goal is to treat a burn, then CBD oil or cream may be an incredibly effective choice. Searching for the best place to buy CBD products or learn more about its medicinal properties in the Denver Area? Our knowledgeable staff will gladly answer your questions and help you to choose the right product for you.
The experts here at Altitude Dispensary are here to help answer all your questions about the legality of CBD uses, as well as to tell you about the many ways it can be utilized to benefit burns, arthritis and other skin and muscle pain problems. Stop by one of our four Denver-area locations today to learn how you might benefit from regular CBD use. Contact us today.