Denver Marijuana Dispensary Explores Marijuana Games Part IV

In this blog series, Altitude Dispensary explores the best marijuana games to play while partaking in the beautiful flower. Similar to drinking games, these game provide hours of entertainment while socializing with a few of your friends. So let these blogs be your guide to choosing the best and most fun games to play after your purchases from Denver’s Altitude Dispensary.

The next game we would like to explore is called Stoner City. If Ganjaland was like Candyland, think of Stoner City to be similar to Monopoly for, well, stoners. In a city. 

The goal of this game is to build and manage your weed empire. Joint and bong pieces are part of the game and help you to build your empire. There is also a police car and if you land on a square that the police car is on, you are unable to pass ‘grow.’ ‘Grow’ is like ‘go’ in Monopoly, and if you cannot pass ‘grow’, you cannot collect any cash for your stash. 

It is estimated that this game will take you about two hours, but I am pretty sure that all depends on just exactly how stoned you get while playing. It is perfect for two to five players and will provide lots of fun and laughs as you build your marijuana empire and avoid the police. 

The next game Altitude Dispensary would like to explore is called The THC game. While you do not have to be stoned to play it, it is certainly encouraged. That is because the freedom and ease that comes with being stoned makes the game that much more entertaining. 

In The THC game, players compete in a series of dares—such as taking a shot or a big hit, or taking off an article of clothing. Other tasks involved in this game include tongue twisters and thumb wars. Each round of this game takes only about thirty minutes—but, of course, that may depend on how stoned you are.

There are a lot of crazy and weird challenges each player must attempt in order to win. Grab a few friends and spin the wheel. Then take a hike through Bong Meadows and Cannabis Forest. Your goal is to make it to the Marijuana Clinic. But first, get your funky on and take all the dares. 

Another fun game to play with a few of your stoner friends is the card game, Weed. In this game the object is to grow the most marijuana plants in your garden (are you starting to see a theme here?) Each player gets five cards face down and these are used to grow your garden, sell your stash and avoid the police. 

Who knew there were so many pot related games to play with your friends? Believe it or not, there are still more to explore and tell you about. So head over to Altitude Dispensary to get all your cannabis needs, then grab a few friends for a fun and entertaining evening with one of these stoney games. 

Denver Marijuana Dispensary Explores Marijuana Games Part III

Denver Marijuana Dispensary Explores Marijuana Games Part III
In this blog series, Altitude Dispensary is exploring the best marijuana games to play while partaking in the beautiful flower. Similar to drinking games, these game provide hours of entertainment while socializing with a few of your friends. So let these blogs be your guide to choosing the best and most fun games to play after your purchases from Denver’s Altitude Dispensary.

The next game we would like to explore is one of the first. It is called Grass. This game was created in 1979 and is an expanded version of the French game, Mille Bornes. Of course, the French game is a car racing game and Grass is a pot dealing game. Many of the cards do share common themes.

In the game of Grass players are drug dealers, now largely a thing of the past with the legalization of marijuana in many states. But what fun to remember the good ‘ol days, right? Though, in the good ‘ol days I was always the buyer, not the dealer. 

This is a game of cards in which players seek to add drug deal cards to their stash. These cards are varied in their monetary value. Other players can try to intercede when it is there turn. The winner is whoever gets to $250,000 first. 

While collecting the drug deal cards, players will deal with government harassment, various fines, and fierce competition. You may make a fortune, or you may watch it all go up in smoke. This fun game of selling and dealing can have up to six players making for a fun, enjoyable evening. 

The next exciting pot game we will explore is called Gangaland, An Epic Weed Adventure. This game has a cannabis castle and a cannabis crown! Sign me up! After getting everything you need from Altitude Dispensary, you can play this game with a few of your friends while you smoke away the evening. 

Gangaland is a board game with a playing board, character pieces, a sand timer, a pencil and notepad, six photo prompts, and cards. In this game everyone smokes, passing to the left as etiquette dictates. This will also indicate the order in which the game is played. 

Players pull cards from the deck, read the instructions on them, and follow them moving their character pieces forward and backward on the board. The goal of the game is to be the first player to land on a specified tile and thus be crowned king or queen of Ganjaland. Think Candyland, but for adult stoners. 

It is important to note that all of these games that we have explored are meant to be played responsibly by those twenty-one years of age or older. The ideal location to play these fun games is in the comfort of your own home, or a friend’s home to ensure your safety. 

There are still a few more games left to explore. In fact, when I decided on this as a topic for these blogs, I was nicely surprised by the amount of marijuana related games that are out there. So stay tuned til next week when we will explore a few more exciting games to play with your purchases from Altitude Dispensary. 

Denver Marijuana Dispensary Explores Marijuana Games Part II

Denver Marijuana Dispensary Explores Marijuana Games Part II
In our last blog we discussed one of the most known, albeit somewhat underground, marijuana game. The game of Zonk dates back to the 1970s and has recently, with the legalization of marijuana in several states across the nation, made a resurgence in the world of potheads and stoners. In this blog we will highlight a few more marijuana games Altitude Dispensary suggests you can play with a few of your friends. 

The first game we will discuss in this blog is called, Lords of Cannabis. Sounds fun right out the gate, right? This is a strategy game (my favorite kind) similar to The Settlers of Catan (also my favorite.) In this award winning board game players trade, acquire (or stealing if you must), and ultimately conquest in an effort to become the lord of cannabis. 

In Lords of Cannabis, your goal is to build the largest cannabis operation. Included in this board game are one hundred stash cards, thirty-eight crop cards, two reward cards, two dice, and five reference cards. On the 17 by 17 inch board, players compete by using building tiles, tunnels, and numbered chips. While the goal is not to get high, there are no rules against it either. So get to Altitude Dispensary for all your game playing needs. 

The next game got its start on Facebook building a steady underground crowd of enthusiasts. Pot Farm is similar to Happy Farm and FarmVille, but, of course, focuses on growing pot instead of veggies. Because of when Pot Farm got its start, there was no advertising and it gained its following largely by word of mouth and guerrilla marketing.

Now that pot is legal in Canada, where the creators of this game reside, and given its immense popularity, the makers started a Kickstarter to produce the board game from the application on Facebook. So now you can play Pot Farm in the comfort of your home with a few friends around to socialize with. 

The premise is simple. You start with an empty plot of land. Your goal, of course, is to turn that piece of land into a profitable marijuana farm. You can track your progress in the game by checking your ‘character level.’ This level increases when you gain experience by tending crops, earn achievements, and complete quests.

As your character level increases you have access to more seeds to grow with and products to buy and sell. With those seeds and products you can grow crops. The best and biggest crop wins. 

We have now discussed two more of the many marijuana board games that are designed to cultivate the spirit of cannabis. They are fun, social ways to gather with friends and spend an evening in friendly competition. While some of these games may have started underground or as applications, they can now all be found and played on board games making you the hit of the party when you show up with yours.

Stay tuned for next week when we will share a few more of these fun and sociable games. And remember, along with bringing the board game, do not forget to also bring the grass. You can find all your cannabis needs at Denver’s Altitude Dispensary.

Denver Marijuana Dispensary Explores Marijuana Games I

Denver Marijuana Dispensary Explores Marijuana Games I
Marijuana games? What’s that you say? Oh yes, there is a whole other world in which those who partake in the joys of marijuana do so with games. It is a great reason to get together, socialize, and get high. Think about drinking games: A$$hole, Three Man, Categories, Flip Cup and so on, where the purpose is to make you drink, so too, are marijuana games designed to get you super stoned. Denver’s Altitude Dispensary is ready to supply you with everything you need to play these games. 

The first game we will start with is the very old school, Zonk. In fact, it dates back to the 1970s. Though it is making a comeback with the legalization of marijuana in many states across the nation. In the past, this game was mostly makeshift. However, with its comeback, it is going mainstream in an easy to use, officially licensed format called, The Legendary Underground Game of Zonk.

It is a dice game consisting of rolling five dice in the hopes of accumulating 10,000 points. While back in the 70s players simply used dice from other games to roll on a hardcover book they found around their home, the new Legendary Underground Game of Zonk comes complete with dice, a playing board shaped like a book, lots of score sheets, and it even comes with a smoking pipe. Of course, you will need to visit Altitude Dispensary for the marijuana to smoke during the game. 

In an effort to bring this game back to the mainstream with the legalization of cannabis in many states, the people behind the revisioned game are marketing it heavily. Their main focus is music and music festivals. These festivals are often full of lots of sociable marijuana smokers eager to participate in a game that encourages them to sit around and get high (even if that is what they were already doing.) 

The rebranded game even has its own festival called the Zonk Family Conference. At this conference they recorded a jam session with The Fritz, a North Carolina funk rock band. They are focusing on music and music festivals because music and marijuana go hand in hand. They have launched their branded beach balls into crowds at such famous music festivals as Phish Dicks, Hulaween, and Jam cruise. 

If music and marijuana go hand in hand, so too does music and Zonk. In fact, in the new official game, there is a score sheet on which you can record players’ playlists. This adds to the appeal of the game and gives players new avenues for music listening. This score sheet can be kept for years to come as a nice snapshot of a crazy night playing Zonk. 

While there is an official winner, the creators believe everyone is a winner. That’s because even if you lose, you still get to have a great time with your friends smoking incredible weed from Altitude Dispensary. So order your Legendary Underground Game of Zonk now, stop on by Altitude Dispensary, gather some friends, and have a super heady evening playing. 

A Breakdown of all the Ways to Enjoy Marijuana- Part III

A Breakdown of all the Ways to Enjoy Marijuana- Part III

A Breakdown of all the Ways to Enjoy Marajuana- Part III

Welcome to part III of our series about the different ways to enjoy marijuana. We started with my favorite ways first. I love to enjoy marijuana in a joint because it is so communal and sharable this way. I also love to use a pipe to smoke the grass that I purchases at Denver’s Altitude Dispensary. This is again because it is communal and also is a bit less wasteful than a joint can be.

My next favorite way to enjoy marijuana and the topic of this week’s blog is a bong. A bong is also known as a water pipe. This is because it uses water. A bong consists of a round, long tube with an opening on the top. This opening is what you will put your mouth over to inhale the smoke. A bong also has what is often called a “stem.” This is the piece on which the bowl is. The bowl is the place in which you place your weed.

Once the weed is ground, it is placed in the bowl. The pot is lit with a lighter and you place your mouth over the tube and begin to inhale somewhat slowly. This inhale will cause the water in the tube to bubble. You want to inhale as long as it takes to fill the tube with smoke. Once it is filled, you will pull the stem and take one final, quick inhale to clear the bong. This will cause the water to bubble intensely. Then you will proceed to get very, very high.

This is probably the top reason I love to use a bong to enjoy the marijuana I buy from Denver’s Altitude Dispensary. You can get a very quick and very intense high, often from only one hit (a hit is one pull or puff off of whatever it is you are smoking.) This is compared to a joint or a pipe where you might take anywhere from three to eight some hits to get the same effect. For this reason, a bong is my go to choice when I want a quick and easy high. One hit and done. I like that.Another reason I love to smoke a bong is because of the tube and the water. Filling the tube with water means that the smoke is filtered and cooled as you burn the marijuana with the lighter. This makes it more enjoyable and less likely to burn or irritate your throat.

Bongs can also be really pretty. I have a lovely blue/green glass bong that is about a foot and half tall. It is often mistaken for a vase, which is a good thing when mom comes to visit. Their beauty makes then a good conversation piece. It is said that the smoke in a glass piece can make it change colors. While I’ve only seen my bong go from light to dark, I’ve seen other glass pieces get some nice color after some smoking. There you have it, all the reasons I love to smoke grass from glass bong. Maybe it’s something you’d like to try out. If so, get yourself to Denver’s Altitude Dispensary to pick one out.